Today’s cyclist is contemporary, looking for the latest technology and designs in all facets of cycling. For founders Victoria and Lewis this was incompatible with the cycling apparel industry. Large in-your-face logos, terrible colours and ill-fitting cycling wear dominate the market. Even brands that demonstrate a more modern design lack quality and transparency in production.

With Tenet Supply, Victoria and Lewis are able to introduce a greater alternative to the modern cyclist: high quality, design conscious cycling apparel, made in Australia.


Tenet Supply creates Australian made cycling apparel informed by the tenets that connect modern design, speed and adventure. Inspired by contemporary art and design our debut collection features unique limited edition prints on technical fabric.

Based in Adelaide, Australia the debut collection was launched in January 2017 with many pieces now sold out. With a direct-to-consumer online store the brand has received great interest from cyclists both locally and globally.


Our Debut Collection incorporates contemporary prints and designs sans the blaring logos. Each print from the debut collection is adapted from an original print by co-founder Victoria Paterson.

Zeppole Womens Tenet Supply


“Adelaide natives, Victoria Paterson and Lewis Guerin Hanlon, have conjured up a different image – something a little sleeker, sexier and more playful.” – CityMag

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“Tenet Supply has clearly hit a section of the cycling zeitgeist of today where people are starting to look for design before branding.” – La Velocita

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Working with fashion photographer Sebastian Petrovski, Tenet wanted to create a film that demonstrated the ethos behind Tenet Supply. Shot with some of South Australia’s best road and cyclocross cyclists we traverse the locally known and loved Adelaide hills. Shot in the stunning Basket Range and ending in the best view of Adelaide City – Mount Osmond, we wanted to capture a sense of style, adventure and appreciation of the local roots that ground our global mindset.

The film is only 34 seconds reflecting a trend towards short but quality content in a modern era. Along with the film, there are a series of 3-4 second looping clips, a response to the popularity of ‘Boomerang’  videos. These videos are designed for social media channels and give enough context to share parts of a story that as a whole give an understanding of the Tenet Supply philosophy.

All photography by Sebastian Petrovski.
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